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Public Hearing Notices and Miscellaneous Meetings


11/29/23 Public Hearing Notice - Variance Request Agenda      
11/29/23 Board of Appeals Agenda       Video      
10/12/23 Public Hearing Notice Rezone Agenda      
09/27/23 Joint Fire/Rescue Meeting Agenda       Packet       Video      
09/07/23 Public Hearing Notice Rezone Agenda      
08/17/23 Board of Appeals Agenda      
05/04/23 Public Hearing Notice Rezone and CUP Agenda       Packet      
05/04/23 Liquor License Notice Packet      
05/01/23 Board of Review Packet      
05/01/23 Board of Review Agenda       Minutes      
04/26/23 Joint Fire / Rescue Meeting Agenda      
04/06/23 TID Joint Review Board Meeting Agenda      
03/22/23 Notice of Quorum of Board Agenda      
03/21/23 Public Notice TID Three Amendment Agenda      
12/13/22 Holiday Gathering Agenda      
11/15/22 Public Hearing Notice Packet      
11/15/22 Budget Hearing Notice Packet      
11/03/22 Public Hearing Notice Packet      
08/17/22 Joint Review Board Notice Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
06/02/22 Public Hearing Notice Agenda      
04/25/22 Board of Review Agenda       Minutes      
03/24/22 Public Hearing Notice Agenda      
03/11/22 Public Hearing Notice Agenda      
03/10/22 Public Hearing Notice Agenda      
01/20/22 Joint Village, Town & Fire-Rescue Meeting Agenda      

02/03/22 Public Hearing Notice Agenda      
10/07/20 Joint Review Board Agenda      
08/06/20 Public Hearing Agenda      
07/08/20 Public Hearing Notice - Variance Agenda      
04/29/20 Meeting to Adjourn Board of Review to a later date Agenda      
04/29/20 Board of Review-Meet to Adjourn Agenda Agenda      
04/21/20 Public Hearing Notice CDBG Agenda      

10/07/21 Public Hearing Notice Agenda      
08/17/21 Main Street Loan Committee Agenda      
07/28/21 Joint Fire Rescue Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
06/15/21 Publication Notice for Liquor License Agenda      
06/03/21 Public Hearing Notice for Plan Commission Agenda      
05/24/21 Board of Appeal Agenda       Minutes      
05/24/21 Public Hearing Notice for Board of Appeal Agenda      
05/05/21 Board of Review Agenda       Minutes      
04/20/21 Public Hearing Notice for CDBG-PF Agenda      
Official Notice for Liquor License  Applied Agenda